Monday, 22 June 2009

foodie goodies + new earrings

I'm afraid I've been neglecting this blog recently, I'm afraid the lure of Twitter is too much, it is far easier for me to keep up a twitter account rather than a blog account. But I will try harder to write here!

For now, the good weather is providing me with lots of opportunities to take photos, so I am snapping everything in sight. I think the summer may turn this blog into a photo blog. Hope you enjoy these pictures from my week.last week

From top left to bottom right - Theatre Earrings (one of a kind), Cherry Tomato Pizza, Vanilla Caramel Earrings & Home grown spuds.

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Start of summer..

I planned to blog about what a wonderful summery weekend we had and how gorgeous it was today too - but now I am in the midst of a fantastic thunderstorm! Just a quick collection of pictures from the weekend (before we have another power cut). We harvested our first crop of potatoes as well as a few strawberries. Everything else is coming along beautifully too, and I've been feeling flowery on the jewellery front too!First of summer..

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Monday, 8 June 2009

new jewellery + housekeeping

A bit of both from my blog post today... I've been busy over the weekend and I have 2 and a bit new pieces for the shop. I say two and a bit because one is a redesigned of one my bracelets. The Tahiti bracelet was originally an assymetric design but I found that the shape didn't really work very well when worn. I have swapped it around so the lovely blue filigree bead is in the centre, surrounded by the magenta lucite on either side. I also found the oval link chain I have works much better with the oval beads too. I hope you like it!

I have also added two new pairs of earrings to my Etsy shop, some sultry amber earrings made with vintage lucite and some bright and bold red and mustard earrings also made with vintage lucite.  Both on gorgeous pure brass findings.

Now housekeeping... ;) I'll be away from home for a few days this week, between the 9th - 12th June, for my day job. I will have the pleasure of spending time in a probably muddy field talking to farmers about very dull topics. Any orders made during this time will be shipped on the 13th June. I'll be holding a very special sale of my Tropics Collection from the 13th, so check my Etsy shop for details. Hope you have a good week! x

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Monday, 1 June 2009

My new favourite shop

I've been looking and looking and looking again at this gorgeous shop of felted flowers - A Alicia Accessories. I love the little pins and corsages, and the garlands are so unique.

I hope I can save up enough pennies to buy something from this shop to go
with my wedding dress


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