Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013 to all my readers! I saw the New Year in with my good friend and fellow cake club hostess Miss Sue Flay and her other half to be known as 'Gary Baldi' (get it?). We chatted over bubby, a Mexican feast of slow cooked chipotle pork with all the fixings and a gorgeous Triple Chocolate Mousse for pud. A fab way to spend New Year's Eve and see in 2013.

Mr and I took a walk today, something much needed as I think I have become 50% chocolate over the past week or so.

2013 starts of pretty momentously for me, I'm flying to India on Sunday for a 3 week holiday to Mumbai, Gujarat and Delhi. I've never been to see the place where I am from before, I am equally excited and nervous. It is definitely going to be a culture shock (without sounding cliched) and unlike anywhere I have been before. I'm looking forward to meeting relatives I've never met before, trying some brilliant food and plenty of shopping.

There will of course be a mammoth blog post on my return with plenty of photos. My plans for 2013 also include giving you all those Gujarati food blog posts that I've promised you, but so far only given you two posts. I'll certainly have lots of inspiration from my trip.

So that is January for me, not the usual dreary January slog that it normally is!

See you on the other side,


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