Friday, 11 October 2013

Mushroom Lasagne

Vegetarians tend to get a raw deal when it comes to lasagne - either rubbery soy mince in a lacklustre sauce or underdone vegetables that tend to not belong in a lasagne. Or sometimes people seem to think vegetarians want to eat healthy lasagne, which is just wrong. I've made veggie lasagnes and despite being quite able to get flavour into soy or being able to cook vegetables, they just haven't had the comfort of a meat lasagne.

You can always trust Deb at the Smitten Kitchen to make things right - I always have faith in her vegetarian mains as she used to be a vegetarian herself. This mushroom lasagne recipe of hers will make for one very happy vegetarian, and one happy meat-eater who misses making a big pan of lasagne. It is cheesey, substantial and feels like a proper lasagne.

I splurged on some 'posh' mushrooms for this one, because I wanted it to be fantastic, so I used chanterelles, oyster mushrooms and chesnut mushrooms. However, if you don't want to spend all that much on mushrooms, chesnut mushrooms are just as good, and better than ordinary button mushrooms. Another thing to note, if you are cooking for vegetarians, Parmesan isn't vegetarian (animal rennet is used) but Sainsbury's and Tesco do a very good vegetarian 'Italian Hard Cheese' which tastes nearly the same.

I bought some fantastic fresh egg lasagne sheets from Natoora via Ocado, they are as good as making your own, and the pack makes one lasagne plus enough sheets to cut into strips for tagliatelle.

Find the recipe on Deb's blog here.

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