Thursday, 22 May 2008

Green fingers?

Apparently I have them this year..

Last year was a bit off, we had some potatoes, some sad looking peas and a few strawberries, but this year is looking a whole lot more promising.

Our strawberries are just starting to produce little green berries that are promising a very large Eton Mess later on in the summer..

The potatoes are standing strong and we have a whole raft of herbs!

I especially like how our chives are looking, they have beautiful purple flowers on them.
(You can also see our pea shoots in the background here)

I've been meaning to plant actual flowers, just for display but there isn't really anything that exciting about flowers to me. They look nice but I love growing food so much more, because you get to eat it afterwards!

I am also quite excited by our plum trees, the fruit was great last year and we made lovely jam. So watch this space for plum recipes - jam, crumble, pie, spicy plum sauce, everything plum!

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  1. Well done, I'm excellent at growing weeds at the moment it seems! Our garden is very neglected.

  2. Oooo, I want fresh strawberries! Nice work

  3. I love planting flowers, but only because I can draw them. I have a black thumb of death, but hubby seems to be doing well this year growing veggies (which he doesn't eat, but at least other family members do) Our strawberry plant has flowered but not sure if we will get berries this year. I'm hoping though. Every time we have tried to grow potatoes they never start, so we have given up with them. Hubby loves plums, so will def have to come back for recipes :)

  4. Oh how lovely! I love gardens, I miss having one so much. I loved growing peas, and potatoes. I remember an old lady showed me how to get few new potatoes from under the plant, so you get them fresh and the rest has space to grow ;-)

  5. oh lovely! you'll be able to make a strawberry and spud pie!

    er ok maybe not