Monday, 1 September 2008

All wrapped up..

I have been doing some research and investing some money in new packaging lately and I am really pleased with my gift boxes. At the moment I have some smart looking black boxes but I also have some nice organic Kraft brown coloured boxes in the post.

I am even more pleased with my stickers from Zoopri, they look so great! They personalise my boxes so well.

All my jewellery will be going out in these boxes (with the exception of my hair pins as they are a bit too big) and I am also working on some nice extra gift wrapping options for Christmas. This may the ardous task of looking at pretty ribbon but its something I am willing to go through for you, my lovely customers. Its a hard life being a crafter!

In particular, I have had my eye on this beautiful jade ribbon from BigFish's shop. I am very tempted although I may have trouble parting with it!

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