Sunday, 18 January 2009

Foodie Find

I'm a bit of a stroopwaffel junkie, I love them so, and I'm a bit obsessed with them. I found my favourite kind in a health food shop (!) in Cambridge this weekend and I am so pleased. These are flavoured with honey and are so so yummy!
If you've never tried them you really must, they are great with all hot drinks - you warm them on top of the cup to melt the caramel. Yum.

I'm off to grab another...

(I should mention also that I recently gave up sugar in my tea but i do seem to be substituting it with biscuits, hmmm).

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  1. ooooh I love stroopwaffels!! I went to a conference in Rotterdam last year and they had piles of them in each coffee break. I had serious withdrawal symptoms by the end!

  2. oh they sound like they taste great. Might have to see if I can find any around here :)

  3. i want one...right now! lush x

  4. You can buy a different brand of them (still very yummy) in waitrose too :)