Thursday, 7 April 2011

asparagus & egg gratins

One thing we are very lucky to have locally is someone who grows and sells asparagus from his greenhouse. The asparagus is ready around mid March and goes on til about May, which means you get a chance to eat it early and also well into asparagus season.

I've blogged about it before, and I always make sure I go along and buy every year. It is a very small enterprise, just a retired man's hobby. If you are in Cambridgeshire, it is signposted from Granta Park.

I saw this recipe on Shutterbean a couple of days before the asparagus went on sale (I made this about 2 weeks ago but I have just blogged it now!), and once it did I hot footed it down there and then down to the farm shop (Gog Magog Hills) for the rest of the ingredients.

These are lovely and simple to prepare, we had them for dinner but I think they'd make a great breakfast too. Be careful not to over cook the yolks, I did a little whilst trying to bubble the cheese under the grill.

You can find the recipe over here on Shutterbean.

I amended it by using milk instead of cream and different cheese. I picked up some Neals Yard Dairy Cotherstone cheese at the farm shop, softer than parmesan but just as strongly flavoured, it worked very well.

I served it with warmed ciabatta bread and hot sauce, yum!

I used the remaining asparagus for lunch the next day, grilled on a griddle pan with chillies, garlic, lemon and soy sauce. It was delicious. I just bought another bunch today so hopefully I'll be blogging another recipe soon.

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