Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Favourites

Being as I seem to star, favourite, retweet and pin so many food posts each week I think a little favourites post is a good idea, and it keeps me blogging!

Some things from this week:

Hakka, Cambridge - interesting looking Chinese restaurant in Cambridge, blogged by Ireena

20 Minute Croissant Dough - The Boy Who Bakes

Roasted Green Beans with Parmesan - so easy!

Green Monster Smoothies  - this blog post is both hilarious and also gives you a less daunting introduction to green smoothies. They are yummy, promise.

Avocado Toast - how I love avocadoes

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes - an old pin but one I found again and now I need to make these.

Hari Chutney - mint, coriander and chilli - looks very similar to the chutney you'll find at Chaat houses

Other non food things

Pretty, pretty dress

Please can I have hair like this lady 

Nice biscuit chopping board

I think this weekend I'll be searching out green beans and snacking on some avocado toast, good summer food.

enjoy the sun everyone!

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