Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Platelickers Anonymous Supper Club

I went to the second Platelickers Supper Club, cooked, hosted and run by miss igs and afternoontease back in July, so I do apologise for the extreme lateness of this blog post.

Along with an absence of enough good restaurants there aren't many supper clubs in Cambridge either, but with the amount of Cambridge food bloggers there are (hi everyone!) I did think someone would set one up eventually. Whilst I have wild ambitions to do a supper club with all the spare time I don't have, I don't think I could manage it as brilliantly as the ladies from Platelickers.

The supper club was in the St. Pauls Church on Hills Road, which was a quirky location - we ate amongst lovely stained glass windows and pews, with candles lighting the room and making everything very pretty.

This was the second Platelickers Anonymous, with a moroccan/middle eastern theme. We started with some gorgeous and garlicky houmous and some baba ganoush with pitta and vegetables to dip - neither of which I have successfully been able to make myself - these were shining examples of how to make these dips properly.

The drinks were not forgotten too, a lovely vodka and pomegranate cocktail. We were both thankful for these as we'd bought along a hastily purchased really awful bottle of wine to drink!

The starter was a chilled green gazpacho, nice to have something different to the usual tomato. We all mused over what it contained, we think peas, basil, garlic and maybe some other green vegetables. The soup was fresh and with lots of flavour for a cold dish.

Main for meat eaters (which I failed to take a picture of) was a slow cooked pork belly served with herby cous cous, gooseberry chutney and green beans with orange. Best crackling ever! And the pork just melted, the gooseberry was a really nice take on the traditional apple sauce. For the veggie dish Mr got courgette and feta fritters, which I wanted to steal one of when he wasn't looking! But I didn't. I'm nice.

Pudding was two desserts - win! Baked peaches with a lovely sugary nutty topping and almond and polenta cake. It was Mr's birthday so the ladies had kindly put a little candle in the top for him, sweet touch :)

We had a lovely time at the supper club, which was well attended by some local food bloggers, it is great to be supporting a little venture like this and try some new and interesting things in a relaxed atmosphere.

Details of the next supper club haven't been announced yet but follow Miss Igs and Afternoontease's blogs for updates.

They've also blogged some of the recipes from the evening too.
Roasted Pork Belly
Gooseberry, elderflower and ginger relish

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