Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Telly! Nigella, Bake Off, Nigel Slater and more...

It's Christmas Food programmes week! Over the last few days I've seen loads of adverts for various Christmas specials, so in order to do a service to you, my lovely readers, I thought I'd do a round-up so you don't miss out on Mary Berry's top tips, Nigella and her soft focus kitchen or those rather fabulous baker brothers.

Nigellissima  - An Italian Inspired Christmas
BBC2, Monday 17th, 8pm
I've enjoyed the Nigellisima series, she has toned down the ridiculous and I've tried a few of the recipes which have been good, although I don't think I'll be giving her Meatzza a go anytime soon. Hoping the Christmas special will be good, and that she might do some edible gifts as I have some to make still! Also, if someone can tell me where her dotted top is, that would be great. 

The Fabulous Baker Brothers Do Christmas
More4, Monday 17th, 9pm
Being advertised as Christmas with a twist 'with not a sprout in sight.' Seems like less of the baking this time and more about general Christmas recipes including spiced mulled cider, lobster and the ultimate Christmas hangover cure. Sounds greedy!

Great British Bake Off Christmas Special
BBC2, Tuesday 18th, 8pm
Another masterclass episode from Mary and Paul, I've already mastered mince pies but I'll be looking forward to their tips anyway! They're also making Christmas pudding and cake so if you need to improve this years effort, makes some notes for 2013's festivities.

Heston's Fantastical Christmas
Channel 4, Wednesday 19th, 9pm
Heston being crazy and trying hard to use up his massive budget again. I've found his latest series a bit too silly, but it has been interesting sometimes. In this episode, he has challenged himself to make the biggest Christmas pudding ever, as you were probably expecting. That or a mince pie.

Nigel Slater's 12 Tastes of Christmas
BBC2, Friday 21st, 7.30pm
This is episode 2 of 2, I missed one but I'll be catching up on iPlayer whilst making jewellery one evening this week. For me the latest series, Nigel's done, Dish of the Day, has been a bit bonkers (banana in a crumble anyone? Almond lentil stew? Not sure) so I'm not expecting great things from the usually great man. But I am addicted to food programmes so I shall tune in nonetheless. Am not coveting his Christmas jumper the same way as Nigella's top though.

The River Cottage Christmas special was also on on Sunday night, with Steven Mangan, Mark Heap and Kathy Burke - some good recipes and the programme was quite funny too - catch up on 4oD.

Happy Watching & Eating! :)

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