Monday, 4 August 2008

Finds.. I stumbled across this seller the other day, she favourited my Etsy shop so I thought it was only fair to go and have a look at hers - and I was so pleased with what I found!
There are some beautifully designed pieces, and they are very wearable too. I am quite tempted by the DA DA 2Way black top. I love how simple it is but also how it has that little quirk to it too.

I also found this great bag by mishidesigns (there I go with the handbags again) which is such a great colour and shape.

Oh and how could I forget, theauroravintage
Some really great vintage clothing in here and the prices are excellent. This drop waist floral dress is great..

I'm off to find some money now, anyone seen an open bank vault anywhere?

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