Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Great Winter Coat Search - Part 1

(yes I know its August)

I am looking for a winter coat and I am beginning my search early, because I know when I come to buy there will be nothing but bikinis and flip flops in the shops again!

I am looking for something either in a muted grey/brown colour or something more bold like teal or purple, I'm trying to stay away from black as I always buy black coats.

This is the first jacket I have found, from Great Plains (above), it looks very cosy and I love the colour of it too. But I would like something longer, and a tad cheaper though. Its £80 which I suppose is a good price for something that you could wear for several winters, but my budget is more like £50.

Post any suggestions in the comments please, I'd love some help. And if you can find something handmade then all the better!

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