Sunday, 26 August 2012

Food blogger on a diet - eek!

Inspired by Miss Sue Flay's post I thought I'd write about my own mission to get healthier - eating better and exercising more (well exercising at all). Since I started blogging 4 years (!) ago I have learnt so much about food, how to cook and perfecting the perfect brownie, cake and bread. I still love baking and I am not giving up proper cakes and treats but now is the time to get a bit healthier and not always have a home baked sugary cake in the kitchen.

I've been half heartedly giving exercise a go since about January, when I went to my first Zumba class, which was a good introduction, but in the last few months I joined the gym which has helped me get into a routine, I am going to attempt to get better at running next - wish me luck!

But this is a FOOD blog so I am here to talk about some of the yummy and healthy things I've been enjoying lately.

Lazy Giraffe Blog - Granola
Lizi's Granola with greek yoghurt, honey and berries

Lazy Giraffe Blog Courgette Pecan Bread
Courgette & pecan bread (sugar and butter, apart from the peanut butter, free)

Lazy Giraffe Blog Granola

Food Doctor Granola (no sugar unlike Lizi's) with banana, sunflower seeds, apricots

Lazy Giraffe Blog Shashouska River Cottage Veg Everyday
Shashouska, quinoa and an egg

Lazy Giraffe Blog Pizza Ricotta
Healthier pizza, swap mozzarella with ricotta, swap tomato sauce for hidden vegetable sauce. More tomatoes and capers for flavour, teeny shaving of parmesan.

Lazy Giraffe Blog Tea Kandula Dr. Stuart's Chai Rooibos
Broadening my tea tastes!  

Lazy Giraffe Blog Chopped Salad
Chopped salad, houmous, pitta, sunbites - good if you really want crisps!

Lazy Giraffe Blog Granola
More granola, pretty breakfast!

Lazy Giraffe Blog Shelford Deli
 Amazing lunch at the Shelford Deli - lots of local and fresh produce (blog post coming soon)

Lazy Giraffe Blog
Haul of veggies from the market

I seem to mainly take pictures of breakfast, one of the main things about changing my diet has been eating a proper  breakfast instead of grabbing a chocolate bar on the way out or leaving it til lunch and then eating too many unhealthy things. 

I don't have any tips yet because I am still learning myself but I think keeping loads of fruit and healthy snacks around and banishing biscuits, chocolate and crisps from the house really helps you not reach for unhealthy things when you are peckish. Also working lots of veggies in to your meals as sides really helps you eat less carbs and get your vitamins - a simple salad or some steamed or roasted veggies. We've been enjoying coleslaw made with low fat yoghurt and dijon, roasted butternut squash, chilli spiked broccoli and fresh summer tomatoes dressed with a teeny bit of oil and plenty of herbs. 

I have by no means banished treats from my diet - I do still have a piece of cake if I am having a coffee with friends, or the odd piece of chocolate. But I am trying to moderate and be mindful of how often I am having a treat, which is helping me keep an eye on things.

Am hoping to include some of my favourite healthy recipes on the blog soon, along with the usual things too. I'll leave you with some of my new favourite healthy blogs:

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