Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Busy bee..

I’ve been working very hard lately and my shop is looking really well stocked up and lovely!

I am really enjoying using sterling silver now instead of plated and I think it shows in the quality of the new items I have. Earrings pictured above are sterling silver with lovely rose quartz and the deepest blue sapphire coloured flower beads.

I have also added a necklace to match my Fireflies earrings – using the very fluorescent lemon jade that I have. It is extremely striking:

I have also been a bit more than addicted to oxidizing silver, so more items to come that have been hand oxidized by me!

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  1. nice jwelry....i dun know wt to write more abt jwelry (how cud a man know abt jwelry) nice 1...wud like to see a woman wearing such jwelry