Thursday, 3 April 2008

Catch up blog!

I've been busy filling up my shop this week and playing around with snazzy cameras.. so this is a pictorial catch up!

Some new items:

Aqua - sterling silver earrings made with gorgeous sea blue trumpet beads

Spring Snow - milky white briolettes hung from sterling silver.

I had a go on an SLR camera the other day, sadly not mine to keep though, and i was so impressed with the pictures I might have to start saving up.

If you scroll down to a couple of entries ago there is a picture of some blossom in my garden, using my usual camera. Now look how it turned out using this SLR...

Amazing, the colours are so lovely, I might frame this.

I also got a Treasury this week and filled it with delicate and airy things to match the spring weather we've been having (at last!).

Hopefully i will be back soon with more new items! :)

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  1. so pretty, think I need to get my ears repierced so i can buy some, haven't worn earrings since the 80's lol!

  2. I will come and hold your hand if you get your ears done, lol. :)