Sunday, 6 April 2008

oxidizing silver - liver of sulphur

I previously tried to oxidize using the egg method, which was fairly successful but a bit time consuming and fiddly.

So I bought some Liver of Sulphur to have another go, the 'proper' way.

I am pleased to say that although it was very smelly it took about 5 minutes, instead of a few hours, and the results were great.

Items before:

Mix about 5 drops of liver of sulphur into a medium sized jam jar and mix well. Drop the pieces in and keep an eye on them til they get to the patina you'd like. They will drop to the bottom of the jar.

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I have a feeling I will be oxidizing more and more in the future. I love the look it gives.

I did this in the bathroom with the window open but it can be very very stinky so its probably best to do it in the garden. Also make sure you pour the water down an outside drain if you can, because otherwise the smell lingers in the sink drain for days and days.

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  1. I love that deep dark patina .. looking good!