Saturday, 29 June 2013

Mumbai Disco Fry Eggs

Definitely the winner for best name ever for a dish. Helen (Food Stories) blogged about this recently and it quickly became something loads of people on my Twitter stream were cooking up for themselves. I've never heard of it before but it seems to be made in several places in Mumbai. It's a mixture of soft fluffy eggs and crispy bread fried up spices and lots of chilli.

You break eggs into a pan of very hot oil, add spices then lay two halves of a white bread roll on top, add more spices and then begin a lot of squishing and flipping to get a crispy, eggy spicy flat pancake sort of thing.

It's a super easy breakfast or lunch and you'll probably have all the stuff in your kitchen already. Do it!
Helen also says it is a perfect hangover cure, but I've not had a hangover to test that out on, but I can see how it is.

Find the recipe here (and watch the video).

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  1. Love it! I had it several times for dinner in the last days :) Great as a quick meal-fix